Left to right: Allison Buehrle, physical therapist; Carol Gabbard; Jim Markovich, occupational therapist; and Abigail Cracchiolo, speech therapist

Carol Gabbard couldn’t use her left arm when she arrived at The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, on Dec. 18, 2017.


Gabbard had a total left shoulder replacement for osteoarthritis and needed rehabilitation before she could take care of herself at home. She had some difficulty with mobility, including walking and bed mobility, and she needed maximum assistance to bathe and get dressed.


Five days a week, Gabbard took part in physical therapy for strengthening, endurance and balance and occupational therapy for retraining in activities of daily life, especially her self-care tasks. Therapists used the Omnicycle exercise machine to help her increase strength, endurance and range of motion, and compensatory strategies for her daily tasks.


"Through hard work and motivation, Carol was able to return to her prior level of function,” said Allison Buehrle, physical therapist. “She always had a great attitude and was determined to meet her goals.”


Gabbard is now independent in her mobility, hygiene and self-feeding, and she only needs minimal assistance to get dressed. She went home on Jan. 12, 2018.


“This was my first time in a facility like The Westchester House, and the caregivers were very considerate and kind and very well qualified and trained,” said Gabbard. “Therapy has improved my self-confidence and given me an increased desire to do well.”