Left to right: Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist; Sally Moritz; and Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist

Sally Moritz had a bad fall that fractured her right hip.


After having a total hip replacement surgery, Moritz came to The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, for rehabilitation. When she arrived on April 28, 2017, she could not take care of herself and required extensive assistance with bathing and getting dressed. She was experiencing some confusion.


Moritz’s mobility was also not up to her usual activity. She needed moderate assistance to transfer from one surface to another and to roll over in bed, and she needed some assistance to walk and to balance while standing.


Six days a week, Moritz underwent physical, occupational and speech therapies. Speech therapists helped her to think clearly again, and physical therapists worked with her on strength, endurance, balance, walking and managing stairs. Occupational therapists retrained her on daily living activities like grooming, dressing and bathing.


The Omnicycle was a helpful tool for Moritz. As a stationary bicycle that includes arm cranks, it allowed her to exercise from a seated position and go through the range of motion she needed without putting her full weight on her hip.


Therapy has helped me get back on my feet again,” said Moritz. “This is a beautiful facility with absolutely wonderful people.”


Moritz returned home to her spouse on May 14. She was able to walk with a walker, manage up to six steps at a time with assistance and balance better.