Marie Nagel with (left to right): Abigail Cracchiolo, speech therapist; Allison Buehrle, physical therapist; and Tiffany Ellis, occupational therapist

After a hip fracture and surgery, Marie Nagel came to The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, for rehabilitation.


When Nagel arrived on Feb. 11, 2017, she needed maximum assistance to perform activities of daily life like bathing. She also needed extensive assistance to get out of bed, balance while standing up, walk and even balance while sitting down.


Making matters worse, the incident had affected her cognitive function, and she had some trouble speaking.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists met with Nagel five days a week to help her regain strength, balance, functional skills and clear thinking and speech. PTs used exercise equipment like the NuStep® and Omnicycle to allow her to strengthen her upper and lower body while seated, and OTs used adaptive equipment to help her with getting dressed.


Therapy has helped me gain strength in my arms and legs,” said Nagel. “It has made me think more and gave me the push to work hard to do more for myself.”


On April 14, Nagel returned to her assisted living facility in Wildwood, Missouri. She needed minimal assistance with her activities of daily living and with standing up. She was able to walk up to 200 feet and was thinking and balancing better.


“Marie achieved these results through practice and techniques to allow more movement of her trunk for standing,” said Tiffany Ellis, occupational therapist assistant. “Demonstration and practice using adaptive equipment were key.”