Left to right: Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist assistant; Mary Schulte; Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist; and Molly Dunsworthy, assistant director of rehab

Mary Schulte broke her left leg after falling, and following surgery, she came to The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, on July 13, 2017.


When Schulte arrived, she was unable to put weight on her left leg while it healed, and she needed assistance with her bed mobility and transfers from one surface to another. She also needed assistance for daily tasks like grooming, bathing and getting dressed and had some trouble with cognition.


Five days a week, Schulte had rehabilitation sessions to recover her independence in all these areas. Physical therapists worked with her on mobility, balance and strength, using a cross-trainer and weights, while occupational therapists focused on helping her with functional self-care skills and adaptive equipment. Speech therapists addressed her thinking skills.


“Mary was a hard worker and did whatever was asked of her from therapy,” said Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist assistant.


Therapy helped me both physically and mentally,” said Schulte. “The team improved my posture and all worked together to improve my life.”


Schulte was able to regain her independence in dressing and cognition and now requires only supervision for bathing, walking, bed mobility, standing and transfers. As of Oct. 4, she was planning to return home soon.