Left to right: Abby Cracchiolo, speech therapist; Tiffany Ellis, occupational therapist assistant; Eric Sullentrup; and Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist assistant

Eric Sullentrup was diagnosed with cervical stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of the spinal cord, after he started experiencing a variety of symptoms.


His symptoms included neck pain, numbness, weakness in his arms and legs, problems with his balance and impaired cognition.


Sullentrup underwent surgery to treat his spinal condition and was admitted to The Westchester House on Sept. 9, 2018 for rehabilitation.


Upon admission, Sullentrup could only travel short distances with a walker. He also had trouble balancing, completing certain self-care tasks and maintaining his cognition.


The Westchester House provided physical, occupational and speech therapies to improve Sullentrup’s mobility, restore his balance, recover his dressing and bathing abilities and rehabilitate his general awareness and memory.


Physical therapists used cross trainers, balance pads, steps and exercise balls to steadily strengthen Sullentrup’s arms, legs and back and increase his mobility. Occupational therapists worked with Sullentrup to increase his performance of everyday tasks, and speech therapists worked to help him recover his memory and cognition.


Throughout the therapy process, Sullentrup worked diligently and made steady improvements.


“The therapy and staff were very helpful, and the stay was wonderful,” said Sullentrup. “The therapy helped strengthen my arms and legs. It helped me move around and walk, and it helped to improve my memory.”


Sullentrup completed therapy on Oct. 25, 2018. Upon completion, he could walk over 200 feet with a walker, go up and down steps and perform self-care tasks with independence. His mind and memory were rehabilitated to their former states.


Sullentrup excitedly returned home after his rehabilitation was completed.