Roberta Kohlschreiber with (left to right): Mary Bland, speech therapist; Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist; and Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist

 A recent fall left Roberta Kohlschreiber in need of assistance from The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri.


Kohlschreiber had a right leg laceration prohibiting her from completing many daily tasks. Her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis also contributed to her need of assistance. For example, she lost the ability to dress and groom herself with ease.


Determined to gain these abilities back, Kohlschreiber began therapy with optimism.


“Roberta has demonstrated a very positive attitude toward therapy to regain her functional ablities,” said Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist. “She is a determined individual.”


Kohlschreiber went to therapy sessions three times a week, and after almost a month of therapy, she is able to once more dress and groom herself.


Therapists taught Kohlschreiber to use the Omnicycle™ to help overcome her physical limitations by regaining strength in her legs. She also used Thera-Band® resistance bands, weights and compensatory activities of daily living strategies to eliminate weakness and regain her ability to dress without pain.


“Therapy has been a big help to me with all of the exercises to get me back on my feet, which I did not think I would be doing,” said Kohlschreiber. “I have had good nursing and therapy staff here to help me.”


Kohlschreiber still resides at The Westchester House. She now has the independence to take care of herself with minimal assistance.