June Brueggemann with Abigail Cracchiolo, speech therapist, left, and Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist

Osteoporosis led June Brueggemann to need a right total hip replacement in early 2017.


Following the surgery, Brueggemann came to The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, on March 9. She needed moderate assistance for bathing and getting dressed from the waist down and stand-by assistance with grooming and getting dressed from the waist up. She also needed some help with critical thinking skills like managing finances.


Brueggemann underwent physical therapy seven days a week to help get her back on her feet, increasing her strength and balance. She did occupational therapy five days a week to work on the self-care tasks she would need at home, and she went to speech therapy five days a week to learn strategies to improve her thought processes.


On March 17, just eight days later, Brueggemann was ready to return home with her daughter. She was able to think more clearly and was moderately independent with getting around. She could walk up to 150 feet at a time with someone by her side to steady her, and she only needed supervision with grooming tasks. Her daughter was able to help her bathe and get dressed.


“The therapy helped immensely in my mobility and in my function with my activities of daily living,” Brueggemann said. “I found my stay helpful and supportive of my needs.”


“June demonstrated a very positive and determined attitude toward therapy,” said Katie Strawbridge, occupational therapist. “She showed a willingness to increase her functional mobility and independence.”