Left to right: Abigail Cracchiolo, speech therapist; Tiffany Ellis, occupational therapist assistant; William Slattery; and Shirla Kreilich, physical therapist assistant

On March 27, 2017, William Slattery came to The Westchester House in Chesterfield, Missouri, with general weakness that was keeping him from living independently.


Slattery needed assistance with all of his mobility, from walking to balancing while standing to even getting around in his wheelchair. He also needed help with most of his self-care tasks, like bathing, getting dressed and shaving his face. In addition, he was experiencing some confusion.


Five days a week, Slattery met with physical, occupational and speech therapists to improve his functional abilities. PTs helped him strengthen his arms and legs with therapeutic exercises, which included the use of two exercise machines – the Omnicycle for his upper body and the NuStep® for his lower body. OTs worked on practicing his activities of daily living and teaching him adaptive techniques, and STs used cognitive exercises to improve his thinking skills again.


“I met a lot of professional and lovely therapists,” said Slattery. “Everyone was as helpful and kind as could be. Therapy helped me strengthen my legs, arms and equilibrium.”


On April 21, Slattery returned home with modified independence. He could think more clearly, walk up to 200 feet at a time, balance better and take care of himself.


“William achieved these results by frequent exercise using resistive weights that challenged his endurance,” said Tiffany Ellis, occupational therapist assistant. “His continued practice of self-care tasks and activities also helped increase his balance and promote independence.”